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It’s been a while since we’ve added some online shops. Not for want of trying but mainly because when you already have some very good online stores, it’s hard to move away but with Chouzaemon, then we’re happy to try something else.

Chouzaemon specialises in selling sake and wine, but they also have an extensive online selection of domestic craft beers too – and not just from your usual choices either. The store uses the Rakuten shop front, so you can get some points for your purchases which can then be put towards purchasing more beer in the future and thus more points and thus confirming you may drink too much in the end. As such, Chouzaemon can be a touch annoying to navigate at times.

Chouzaemon Beer 1Chouzaemon Beer 2

Some of the more unusual breweries we’ve come across have been Donryu Dream Beer, Naruko no Kaze, Gassan Beer, Kure Beer, and Sakura Brewery. Of course, the big craft beer breweries such as Minoh Beer, Baird Beer, Sankt Gallen, Swan Lake, and Shiga Kogen, to name but few are also present.

Shipping costs are standard prices for online beer stores per case with the main areas around, and including, Kanto costs ¥690, while those further afield such as Kansai and North Tohoku costing ¥800, while Hokkaido and Okinawa go up to ¥1140 and ¥11250 respectively. For those without a credit card, then you can also use cash on delivery, or COD, for an extra ¥324. However, one point of note is that if you do stray from the narrow path and end up purchasing sake or wine, then it can’t be shipped along with your precious delivery of craft beer – surely that’s enough to put you off from veering off? Right?


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Online Store (in Japanese): Chouzaemon

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