Home Bar Review Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo in Sapporo, Hokkaido

by Rob
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Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo : The Bottom Line

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo was a massive surprise for me and I would happily go back again when I am next in Sapporo. The beers were pretty good and the food was tasty, though a bit on the small side for my liking but I was rather hungry. A place has got to be good when it’s busy at 3:30 in the afternoon with an eclectic group of people. The whole place was non-smoking, had no table charge, and also some free wifi. There was some basic English on the menus too though the staff were more than willing to try to use English, in spite of my protestations.

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo Inside

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo : The Full Story

After having had a couple of beers, and my restless nature getting the better of me after checking in, I wandered around Odori park for a bit before going in search of my next beer. I had wanted to get to Moon and Sun Brewing’s main store on this trip, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, the brewery / taproom was going to be closed for a little longer. For how long? Unknown as even the staff at Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo were not sure when the taproom would be open again. Rather annoying as the brewery was right across from my hotel.

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo though is the second store from the brewery and is located in the Miredo building, between Sapporo station and Odori park. Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo opened in 2021 though the exact date is unknown at the time of writing, and maybe has been lost to father time – I was a tad bit drunk when I left the bar and can’t remember where I wrote that down!

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo : Atmosphere & Interior

With Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo being located inside the Miredo building, I was worried that it would just be lost in the sea of shops, but with it being on the first floor, the designers did a great job in making it as open as possible. The big door windows look out onto the main street that goes from Sapporo station so if you can, get some seats either by the window or at the counter that looks out onto the street.


Inside, there is space for around 30 people, with about 14 of those at the counter and then the rest along the main wall under the huge menu of taps. In spite of there appearing to be an outside drinking area, the doors were closed and the staff didn’t say anything about drinking outside. It was late March though and there was still plenty of snow on the ground. The whole place is non-smoking and also has no table charge.

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo : Beer & Tap Information

While there are 10 taps of beer on, though Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo is officially the tap room for Moon and Sun Brewing, there were a couple of guest beers on as well. The beers come in three different sizes: half (250 ml) from 600 yen, pint (500 ml) from 1,100 yen, and then tasting glass (150 ml) from 500 yen, but there is a beer flight that gets you any three tasting glasses on the menu for 1,300 yen. If you’re feeling particularly brave, there is also a 10 beer tasting set for around 3,300 yen – so basically everything on the beer menu. The prices include tax as well.

I had two beers on the day – the weizen and the strong saison – and found them both to be well made beers that matched up to the style. There wasn’t any option for take away beers or a happy hour option either.

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo Food

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo : Food Information

There is a variety of options of food at Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo which encompasses the whole gamut usually found in a craft beer bar – salads and meats, fried foods and desserts. I opted for the onion rings – I was peckish but not super hungry – and as I was at the counter, I could see them being freshly made. And they were delicious. So good that I ordered another set and then vowed I had to walk back the 1.5 km back to the hotel – got to burn those calories off! The menu system is all on iPads, which can be switched into English, with plenty of pictures on there to show what you’re getting.

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo : Information

Moon and Sun Brewing Miredo : Location

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