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808 Flatbush by 808 Brewery

by Rob
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808 Flatbush is a 7.5% hazy IPA from 808 Brewery based in Oyama, in Tochigi, Japan. It’s part of their seasonal lineup, and can be found in both cans and on draught though its availability is unknown at the time of writing. 808 Flatbush is brewed using two types of Simcoe hops: regular and also the cyro version, along with Strata hops. The Simcoe Cryo hops are used during the boil, while the other two hops are used during secondary fermentation.

808 Flatbush

808 Flatbush : At A Glance


  • Alcohol : 7.5%
  • Style : Hazy IPA
  • Hops : Simcoe, Cryo Simcoe, and Strata
  • IBU : Unknown

Sale Information

  • Availability : Unknown
  • On Sale : From January 2022
  • Size : 360 ml
  • Price : From 500 yen

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Tropical fruity aroma with pineapple and passion fruit along with citrus. Slight sweetness, with no alcohol.
  • Notable Tastes : Smooth bitterness with passion fruit and oranges followed by pineapple and citrus. Slight astringent from grassiness.

808 Flatbush : Aroma & Taste

808 Flatbush poured out a bright hazy golden yellow colour with a thin amount of white head on top that faded to a few bubbles around the side of the glass. The aroma was a real mixture of tropical and citrus fruits: passion fruit and pineapple for the former, and some grapefruit, lemon, and orange for the latter. I don’t like using the word juicy, but 808 Flatbush did have a tropical fruit juice profile going on. There was subtle malt sweetness going on when 808 Flatbush had warmed up but the hops were well balanced on the whole.

The body started off with a smooth bitterness, before moving onto the fruity flavours that were similar to the nose. Lots of tropical and citrus fruit flavours were apparent, and not wanting to repeat the aromas I shall save you the time. I guess the only downside to 808 Flatbush was that once it had warmed up, the hops did have a slight grassiness to them, which can be caused by overloading a beer with too many hops and/or hopping for too long, but it was faint and only really apparent when the beer was warm.

808 Flatbush : The Bottom Line

I was impressed with 808 Flatbush – packing a punch of flavour at a decent price.


808 Flatbush : Where To Buy

808 Flatbush can be bought online at the following places:

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