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Tokyo Aleworks Information

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Tokyo Aleworks is a brewery and brewpub primarily located in the Itabashi area of Tokyo, in Japan. The brewery officially opened on May 1, 2018, though with the brewpub under the name of Itabashi Brewing Unit having opened a few months earlier in December 2017. Tokyo Aleworks encompasses the ethos of a community brewery by also teaching people how to brew beers on their in-house brewing system. Moreover, Tokyo Aleworks also has a strong belief in creation through  collaboration with them having brewed with both domestic breweries, in the case of West Coast Brewing, and also Chichibu Distillery, along with guest brewers from overseas, with Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway joining in on a session. Tokyo Aleworks is owned by Scotch Malt Sales, a company that imports and sells Western liquors. In addition to wholesale sales to liquor stores, it also operates a domestic liquor shopping site, Saketry. The building where the Scotch Malt sales headquarters is located, is known as  “Itabashi Cask Village” with the theme of sake, and is located on the first floor.

Tokyo Aleworks Lineup

The following are some of the beers we’ve tried from Tokyo Aleworks. Expect this list to grow:

Tokyo Aleworks Articles

The following are some articles about Tokyo Aleworks we have published on the site:

Tokyo Aleworks Details

Address: 〒173-0004 Tokyo, Itabashi City, Itabashi 1−8−4 1F


Phone: N/A

Homepage (in Japanese): https://tokyoaleworks.com/

Online Shop: https://www.saketry.com/tokyoaleworks.html

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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