Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra by Tokyo Aleworks

Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra・東京エールワークス307シトラ

Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra is a 7% American IPA from Tokyo Aleworks, based in Itabashi, in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their bottled and draft line up and as the name suggests, it’s part of their 307 series of beers. Why 307? A little bit of mystery can go a long way. Moreover, as the name suggests, Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra is brewed solely using Citra hops.

Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra・東京エールワークス307シトラ

Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra and Taste

Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra poured out a slightly hazy golden orange colour with a thin amount of pure white bubbles on top. The beer, like the Amarillo version, was all Citra hops – lemon and a slight floral aroma once the beer had been given a chance to warm up. There was very little malt nose to Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra though there was just a faint hint of biscuity when the beer had warmed up.

The initial bitterness to Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra was short and sharp – it didn’t linger nor was it overpowering. Once again, the Citra hops brought a fruity lemon and floral flavour to the body, with the smoothness of the beer making Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra very drinkable. At 7%, I was expecting some alcohol heat but it was well hidden behind the hop flavours. The aftertaste was, if you couldn’t guess, a lemon one with some hints of grapefruit.

Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra The Bottom Line

Single hop beers are becoming less and less common, but Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra is a nice effort.

Where to Buy Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra

Tokyo Aleworks 307 Citra can only be bought at the bar.

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