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Nomcraft Unicorn Drift by Nomcraft Brewing

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Nomcraft Unicorn Drift is a 5.5% American IPA from Nomcraft Brewing, based in Aridagawa, in Wakayama, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition range and can be found in both bottles and on tap at various places in Japan. Nomcraft Unicorn Drift is brewed with a double-dry hop, so two sets of dry hopping, and uses four different kinds of hops and also use the Nomcraft All Together as the base recipe.

Nomcraft Unicorn Drift

Nomcraft Unicorn Drift Aroma and Taste

Nomcraft Unicorn Drift poured out a slightly hazy golden colour with a plump white head on top that collapsed fast in on itself. The aroma was a light hoppy with with hints of lemon and mango, along with a subtle grapefruit too. I was expecting something bigger considering Nomcraft Unicorn Drift had been double dry hopped, but the aromas were much softer and more balanced. There was barely any malt aroma coming off Nomcraft Unicorn Drift, with just an ever-so-slight pilsner maltiness to the nose.

With Nomcraft Unicorn Drift having a focus on the dry hopping, there was only the smallest of bitter kicks, well it was more like a tap to the shins, to start the beer off. The flavours were more present when Nomcraft Unicorn Drift had warmed up, but they laid firmly in the grapefruit, lemon, and mango grouping, without ever developing to become overpowering or unwelcome. The body to the beer was dry and crisp, with a light pilsner body to it, which made it really easy drinking. I would have liked some of the flavours, in particular the mango, to have lingered for a bit longer in the aftertaste though.


Nomcraft Unicorn Drift The Bottom Line

Nomcraft Unicorn Drift is more like a DDH pale ale, but still very nice to drink.

Where to Buy Nomcraft Unicorn Drift

Nomcraft Unicorn Drift can be bought online at the following places:

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