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Aqula Nme Neigaa Beer by Aqula

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How to be a cool beer by Aqula Nme Neigaa in three easy steps:

  1. Be a beer. Preferably one that is not a regular everyday beer;
  2. Be difficult to find those proving yourself to be desirable;
  3. Have your own superhero that goes around places convincing people to drink your beer.

Three easy steps done. Aqula Nme Neigaa, also sold as Aqula Bijin no Biru, is a helles beer brewed by Aqula in Akita. It is brewed using German hops and has an abv of around 5.5%. But who cares. It’s got its own superhero on the front.

Aqula Nme Neigaa

Lively, powerful, packs a punch. It’s Aqula Nme Neigaa!

Aqula Nme Neigaa Aroma and Taste

To say Aqula Nme Neigaa was lively would be an understatement. Even with the most careful of careful pours, it still managed to produce half a pint glass of white frothy head that took ages to go away. It was so voluminous that I in the end, I gave up waiting for it to subside and used a spoon to dish out the mass that would not go away and prevented me from actually smelling anything. Head disposed of, I got a large amount of wheat and citrus coming off Aqula Nme Neigaa though the malt nose got me as I was not expecting that.

Aqula Nme Neigaa’s body also had the malt flavour that could have been the secret behind our superhero on the front. It was also quite drier than my expectation and went down far too quickly, leaving a sweet aftertaste on the tongue that felt a bit sticky. For a beer that was so lively in the pour, Aqula Nme Neigaa was a let down in the body in comparison, not that that is a bad thing.


Aqula Nme Neigaa One Line Review

Aqula Nme Neigaa is a decent introduction to helles beers that isn’t overpowering or offensive on the taste buds.

Where to Buy Aqula Nme Neigaa

Aqula Nme Neigaa can be bought from the Aqula homepage here. We got our bottle from GoodBeer as part of a six-pack of variety beers on their Rakuten site here. We’ve also seen it in Nomono on our numerous visits.

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