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Fukagawa Monzen Nakacho by Virgo Beer 

by Rob
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Fukagawa Monzen Nakacho by Virgo Beer is a 5% pilsner from Virgo Beer, based in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their Fukagawa Craft Beer range that is sold locally in Tokyo and you should be glad it is sold in such a small area.

Fukagawa Monzen Nakacho

Just avoid this.

A Story About Fukagawa Monzen Nakacho

Excuse the break in usual proceedings. Right now, Joe or myself would be writing about a beer’s aroma and appearance, followed by a short bit about its taste. Usually for us, most beers are drinkable, with some of them being excellent and wanting to drink them again and again.

Fukagawa Monzen Nakacho was picked up during a recent beer crawl around the Monzennakacho area, trying to find some bars. The first bar was closed, so I went off to Mile Post Cafe, but I wanted some beers. I came across Fukagawa Monzen Nakacho in a small shop on the main street and thought “wow, some new beers to try”. Carrying them around while I walked was an effort as I clocked in about 18kms of walking that day.

It’s not often that I pick up beers anymore in shops, as with so many online places delivering them cold, what’s the point? All the effort to go and get a beer while it could be delivered to your house cold doesn’t make sense. Of course, there are some places that it’s worth the effort to get to – World Beer MarketLiquors Hasegawa, and Yamaoka Saketen to name but three. So to come across a new range of beers chilled in a fridge was exciting.


I got all four bottles in the fridge and carried them around. I was soooo careful when I was walking around between bars in my inebriated state with two people (@tilmalabs and @oldirtygaijin on twitter) that when I bumped into something, the first thing I did was to check to see if the beers were ok. I got the bottles home – eventually navigating through the tunnels between Otemachi station and Tokyo station, safe in the knowledge that perhaps I was onto something good.

Fukagawa Monzen Nakacho The Review

I wasted my time. I seriously regret picking up this beer that day and carrying it around with me. It smelt like someone had melted a block of butter into a sugar solution and then added some sweetcorn to it, and then some alcohol. Whoever thought this beer would be good needs taking outside and educating. It’s a tourist beer that should be avoided at all costs and was a drain pour – I’m not ashamed to say it but this is perhaps one of the worst beers I’ve had in my life and I never want anything from Virgo Beer again. But you know what? I have three more bottles from them to try after this review. I wonder if Joe wants them?

Where to Buy Fukagawa Monzen Nakacho

Look – I don’t want to tell you where to buy this beer as I don’t want anyone to spend money on it – even for a joke or for someone you hate. I can’t even remember the name of the shop in Monzen Nakacho.

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