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Brewccoly Bottom Plower by Brewccoly Brewing

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Brewccoly Bottom Plower is a 5% Belgian pale ale from Brewccoly Brewing, based in Akita, in Akita. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Not much else is known about Brewccoly Bottom Plower – either in terms of malts or what hops went into it.

Brewccoly Bottom Plower 1・ブリュッコリーボトムプラワー1Brewccoly Bottom Plower 2・ブリュッコリーボトムプラワー2

Brewccoly Bottom Plower Aroma and Taste

Brewccoly Bottom Plower poured out a light golden straw colour with a large fluffy white head on top. There wasn’t much information around about Brewccoly Bottom Plower but I suspect that it may be bottle conditioned as the amount of head coming off was a lot for a beer of this style. Perhaps I had used the wrong glass – the IPA glass tends to produce a livelier amount of beer – but there was some yeast sediment left in the bottle. Brewccoly Bottom Plower had a slight yeasty phenolic nose to it, with just a faint aroma of hops – nothing as bold as an American IPA or like other Belgian pale ales. The only hop aroma I could note off Brewccoly Bottom Plower was a slight noble, floral like one.

Because Brewccoly Bottom Plower had been bottle conditioned, even though it had been stored in the BeerTengoku Beer Fridge, it had a really lively and frothy texture to the body – lots of gas in it that exacerbated the phenols from the yeast. There was no discrernible level of bitterness to the beer, though a light toasted malt flavour came through with some Belgian funk, again the phenols from the beer. It was quite an easy-drinking beer to go through, but there was little flavour or excitement going on. The lingering phenols carried on into the aftertaste – ok but a bit bland.

Brewccoly Bottom Plower The Bottom Line

Brewccoly Bottom Plower lacks excitement or panache to get your attention.


Where to Buy Brewccoly Bottom Plower

Brewccoly Bottom Plower can be bought online at the following places:

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