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Yokohama Belgian Wheat by Yokohama Beer

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Yokohama Belgian Wheat is a tie up between Yokohama Beer and also Sogo Department store, located around the area of JR Yokohama station. It was first brewed in 2015 to celebrate 30 years of the Sogo Department store, once the largest department store in the world. Yokohama Beer already brew a weizen under a German influence so it’s a new beer in a bottle.

Yokohama Belgian Wheat

More influence by Belgian yeast it seems.

Yokohama Belgian Wheat Aroma and Taste

When I saw this beer in World Gourmet in Sogo Department store, I had to ask whether it was a new beer or merely a rebranded version of Yokohama Beer’s Yokohama Weizen. Not that it would be a terrible thing, but fool me once *cough* Tokyo Station Anniversary *cough*. Complaints and gripes aside, it was good to hear that Yokohama Belgian Wheat is a new beer brewed especially for the 30th anniversary and immediately picked up a couple of bottles. The label art is interesting as it encompasses the old trading ships that used to dock in Yokohama and also the modern day view of Sakuragicho.

The initial aroma of Yokohama Belgian Wheat was one of yeast and a potent one at that too. The Belgian yeast strain is unknown though to my nose and palate, it probably wouldn’t have made much difference really. There wasn’t a strong aroma of the usual adjuncts of orange and coriander though they were there. Just.  It had a hazy, light golden colour to it topped off with a meagre head for a Belgian wheat beer that clung to the sides of the glass.

Perhaps Yokohama Beer weren’t trying to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable from Sogo Department store when they came up with this beer but Yokohama Belgian Wheat tasted limp and bland without much though about what would make a good, let alone great, Belgian wheat beer. It lacked any life or urgency and the mild wheat flavour was followed up the slightest twinge of sourness that would not even make your face slightly screw up.


Yokohama Belgian Wheat One Line Review

Yokohama Belgian Wheat is a disappointing collaboration that could have, and should have, been much better.

Where to Buy Yokohama Belgian Wheat

Yokohama Belgian Wheat can only be bought at World Gourmet in Yokohama Sogo Department store.

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