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Inawashiro Weizen by Inawashiro Ji-Beer

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Inawashiro Weizen is one of Inawashiro Ji-Beer’s original beers first produced in 1997. It is a 4.9% German hefeweizen and can be found generally in bottled form though we have seen it on draft at Craft Beer Market Toranomon. Inawashiro Weizen is brewed using a blend of both barley malts and wheat malts to produce its distinctive flavour. (Note, even though the bottle has a best before date of 6th April, this review was written before that day.)

Inawashiro Weizen

Fluffy head? Check. Cloudy body? Check.

Inawashiro Weizen Aroma and Taste

Drinking my way through the batch of Inawashiro Ji-Beer we received has so far produced a mix batch of beers. The Inawashiro Golden Angel was pretty lacklustre and I ended up giving a couple of beers away to try and get them drunk before they went off. I’ve had Inawashiro Weizen once before at Craft Beer Market Toranomon and quite enjoyed it though with the bottle being a week before it was supposed to go off, I was apprehensive.

Inawashiro Weizen poured out with a large amount of fluffy frothy white head that lingered for a long time and the body was a golden hazy colour that was pretty lively for a hefeweizen. There was strong pungency of the bananas that I am beginning to like along with some herbal tea aroma as well pushing through. The clove smell was much fainter than I had expected due to the herbal fragrance.

The high amount of carbonation in Inawashiro Weizen made it a slow beer to drink due to excessive burping and hilarity from the kids. There was a hoppiness background to it that I hadn’t expected which worked well with the wheat flavours. It was as strong as an IPA or even a pale ale level of hoppiness but it was there. Inawashiro Weizen finished off slightly tart.


Inawashiro Weizen One Line Review

Inawashiro Weizen is a lively, pleasant weizen that is a good introduction to the world of hefeweizens.

Where to Buy Inawashiro Weizen

Inawashiro Weizen can be bought from the Inawashiro Ji-Beer online store here. I got my bottle from World Beer Market here.

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