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Akari The Devil by Akari Brewing

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Akari The Devil is a 7% milk stout from Akari Brewing, based in Tottori, in Japan. It’s part of their all-year round lineup and can be found in bottles, though it’s yet to be seen on tap anyway outside of Tottori. Akari The Devil is brewed using lactose, imported cacao beans, as well as imported vanilla beans and cinnamon too.

Akari The Devil 1・アカリザーデビル1Akari The Devil 2・アカリザーデビル2

Akari The Devil Aroma and Taste

Akari The Devil poured out a pitch black colour with a few bubbles of off-white tan coloured head on top. The bubbles happily popped away to leave an oily slick on top of the beer instead. When chilled, Akari The Devil had a light creamy and cinnamon nose to it that got stronger as it warmed up. The vanilla beans came though more so once Akari The Devil had warmed up as well as some of the roasted black malts balancing well against the spices.

The body, from the get go, was smooth with some roasted hints to it. The vanilla and cacao notes were not overly pronounced; however, once Akari The Devil had warmed up, they did become a bit stronger and lingered longer into drinking. At 7%, there was only a faint hint to the booziness of the beer, but for most, it was hidden behind the malts very well. Akari The Devil finished off with a lingering hot chocolate-like flavour to it, with the cinnamon bringing a bit of spice heat to the finish.

Akari The Devil The Bottom

Colour me surprised – Akari The Devil is a decent milk stout.


Where to Buy Akari The Devil

Akari The Devil can be bought at the following places:

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