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Shinshu Soba Kiko by Niigata Beer

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Soba, known as buckwheat, is one of my favourite things in Japan. I love soba noodles and will happily survive on them throughout the summer months besides the thought of scurvy taking its toll. Soba tea is refreshing and has a nutty twang to it that beats English tea. Oops. Blasphemy! Years ago, I made some fresh soba and had lots of tiny off-cuts on the chopping board. My teacher fried them up there and then to make a delicious snack for eating with beer. Soba pancakes. I could go on but that would defeat the point of this beer review. Shinshu Soba Kikou is made from Nagano soba and brewed using champagne techniques. It is bottom brewed so care is advised when pouring Shinshu Soba Kikou.

Shinshu Soba KikoShinshu Soba Kiko

Why can’t this be served instead of the year end soba?

Shinshu Soba Kikou Aroma and Taste

The initial pour of Shinshu Soba Kikou was not great. I was advised to pour our out two-thirds into a small glass and try that while leaving the yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Trouble is, the beer looked like carbonated piss. It even had that frothiness around the edge of the glass that sometimes happens. To say Shinshu Soba Kikou was unappealing would be an understatement. Though disappointing to look at, the aroma had the unmistakable smell of soba and would have been nice except for the bubbles making a beeline for my nostrils and making me snort and cough.

I guess Shinshu Soba Kikou had a similar appearance to champagne though I’m not the biggest fan of as it’s expensive and gets me drunk way too quick. The flavour did seem better when the sediment was added and had some champagne qualities to it; bubbly and dry though the soba flavour is unnerving.

Shinshu Soba Kikou One Line Review

Shinshu Soba Kikou is no means a bad beer but it is an unusual beer. If you find it, pick it up and let us know what you think.


Where to Buy Shinshu Soba Kikou

We got out bottle of Shinshu Soba Kikou from Kishimoto here although at the time of writing it was only available as part of a multipack.

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