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Kamakura Alt by Kamakura Beer

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Kamakura Alt, sold under the name Kamakura Moon from time to time, is very much a regional beer in that it is difficult to find outside of Kamakura, let alone Kanto itself. It’s a shame as Kamakura Alt is an award-winning beer, having won the Asia’s Best Altbier Award in 2010 and the World’s Best Pale Ale.

Kamakura Alt

I’ve got the moon in my glass. Well not quite, just an altbier.

Kamakura Alt Aroma and Taste

Kamakura Alt pours out an orange amberish colour with a thick serving of head that does not settle quickly. It took near on 5 minutes for the head to settle down enough to be drinkable. Kamakura Alt had a very strong caramel and malt aroma coming off of it with distinct notes of berries.

Drinking Kamakura Alt is a pleasure and should be done slowly. The rich malt caramel flavour can be overwhelming when it is warm so ensure that it is suitably chilled before consuming. There was also some gentle soba, also known as buckwheat, notes to it that were peculiar to the palate, or was that the soba still stuck in my teeth from lunch?

Kamakura Alt One-line Review

Kamakura Alt is well worth sourcing out if you can find it but do not pay over the odds for it.


Where to Buy Kamakura Alt

Kamakura Alt can be bought in many stores around Kamakura; however, it may be difficult to find outside of Kamakura. La Collier in Tokyo Station has been known to sell it, else Sakaya Okadaya do sell it

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