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Kakegawa Farm Brewing Information

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Kakegawa Farm Brewing is a Japanese nano-brewery located in Shizuoka, in Japan. It is located in the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture, an area known as a production center for tea. It prospered in the castle town of Kakegawa, which in the Edo period it developed as a postal town along the Tokaido road. Kakegawa Farm Brewing obtained their license in January 2018, and also have a brewpub called Bucket Here. In 2019, Kakegawa Farm Brewing began bottling, and selling some of their regular beers.

Kakegawa Farm Brewing Lineup

The following are some of Kakegawa Farm Brewing’s beers that we have tried:

  • Kakegawa Tachibana White – a 5% witbier made with Nara Brewing, based in Nara. It is brewed using Yamato Tachibana, a kind of orange that is similar to mandarin oranges.
  • Kakegawa Lush Life – a 6.5% porter brewed using freshly roasted and ground coffee beans sourced from Hug Cafe, a local coffee shop in the Shizuoka city area.
  • Kakegawa Houjicha Ale – a 6.5% spiced beer that uses locally sourced green tea from Shizuoka, the tea area of Japan, which is then roasted and added to the beer during the boil.
  • Kakegawa Fukumushica Ale – a 5% spice beer that uses freshly sourced green tea from Shizuoka, which is then steamed and then added to the beer during secondary fermentation.

Kakegawa Farm Brewing Details

Address: Sakanacho 3-5, Kakegawa, Shizuoka 436-0078

Phone: 0537-25-6811


Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Brewery Store: N/A

Social Media: Facebook

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