Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale by Kakegawa Farm Brewing

Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale 1・カケガワ深蒸し茶エール1

Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale is a 5% spice beer from Kakegawa Farm Brewing, based in Kakegawa, in Shizuoka, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale uses freshly sourced green tea from Shizuoka, which is then steamed and then added to the beer during secondary fermentation.

Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale Aroma and Taste

Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale was drunk soon after the Kakegawa Houjicha ale to note any differences and straight away, the colour was the most obvious difference – a bright orange colour with a large frothy head on top that lingered throughout drinking. I was expecting some green flecks in the beer but there was nothing. Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale had a slight pilsner malt aroma to it, with a faint green tea coming in when the beer had warmed up but it was neither potent nor distracting.

The body to Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale was light and crisp – nothing of note really. The tea brought a subtle green tea flavour to the beer but it wasn’t as overpowering as I thought it was going to be. In fact, it was more disappointing then anything else. I would have liked something more to have come through and as such, Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale left me disappointed. The lingering beer flavour was fine but lacked the tea quality I was hoping for.

Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale The Bottom Line

If you’re going to add an adjunct to your beer, make sure it can be tasted.

Where to Buy Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale

Kakegawa Fukumushicha Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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