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Inawashiro Ji-Beer Information

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Inawashiro Ji-Beer

Someone had problems arranging these beers in order.

Inawashiro Ji-Beer is a craft beer brewery located on the edges of Inawashiro lake in Fukushima prefecture. The brewery opened up in 1997 and has won numerous awards since then for all of the beers. The beers are all based on the German Reinheitsgebot, and the brewers use imported brewing equipment from Germany and even had a German brewmaster to oversee the initial production of the beers. The location of Inawashiro Ji-Beer also had a beer hall on-site, with views of Mt. Bandai, where you can try all eight of their beers, including three that aren’t bottled either.

Inawashiro Ji-Beer Line Up

The following beers are part of the year round lineup.

  • Inawashiro Weizen – a 5% German Hefeweizen that has been part of the original line up since 1997 and is brewed to a Bavarian style recipe.
  • Inawashiro Rauch – a 5% rauch beer that was first brewed in 1997 and has won the most awards for Inawashiro Ji-Beer.
  • Inawashiro Pilsner – a 5.5% German style pilsner that uses German malts and hops in the making.
  • Inawashiro Golden Angel – a 5% dortmunder style beer brewed using pilsner malt and caramunich malt

Inawashiro Ji-Beer Seasonal and Limited Edition

The following beers are part of the seasonal and limited edition lineup

  • Inawashiro Brown Weizen – first brewed in 2011 and part of the winter lineup. A 5% dunkelweizen that contains smoked malt

Inawashiro Ji-Beer Details

Address: 〒969-3284 Fukushima-Ken, Inawashiro,Yama District, Murahigashi-85 Mitsuwa

Phone: 0120-37-2177

Homepage (in Japanese): http://inawashirojibeer.com/

Online store (in Japanese): http://www.g-select.info/products/detail.php?product_id=69

SNS: Facebook

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