Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che Front・クラフトビール タテマチ チェ前

Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che The Bottom Line

Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che may not have an expansive lineup of beers compared to other places in Kanazawa, but its chilled, welcoming atmosphere makes up for that and the slightly higher than average prices in the area. The owner of the bar is chatty – not in a pushy or nosey way – and knows a few things about beer. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and tax is include – just make sure you take cash as there is no other way to pay at Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che. Moreover, make sure you eat before you go there as the most filling food on the menu are some nuts.

Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che Inside 1・クラフトビール タテマチ チェ店内1

Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che The Full Review

After leaving Craft Beer Dive Futa’s once people started smoking, Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che was next on the list – as recommended by the owners of Futa’s. It’s not that far down the road from Futa’s either; however, it does seem to be located in the quieter end of town – a bit strange considering where the main drinking area of town is. Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che opened in April 2018 and also prides itself on a very eclectic range of French jazz, fusion, and some unusual styles of music too. The bar, like Futa’s, is quite a trek from JR Kanazawa station if you’re staying or living in that part of the city; however, there are plenty of buses. Nomachi station is a bit closer if you’re looking to get to Craft Beer Dive Futa’s though the station is still awkward.

To say Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che is cosy would be an understatement. Having taken some style hints from a small Parisian cafe, the bar has space for no more than 10 people – 10 very closely packed together people. The whole of the bar is non-smoking, though you can smoke (and drink) outside the front of the shop. There is also no table charge at Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che and there is also free WiFi with the password listed on the bar.

Due to its size, Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che has one of the smallest tap lists we’ve come across – mainly due to the size of the place. While there are three taps of craft beer, the list does have some variety with both domestic and imports available on tap. The beers come in two sizes: Small (250ml) from ¥800 to ¥900, and regular (400ml) from ¥1200 to ¥1300. Thankfully prices do include tax; however, there is no happy hour nor takeaway beer available. Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che does have an extensive selection of bottled beers too to choose from, with the majority being from France and Belgium.

For those wanting some food with their beers then Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che is not the place to come. Sure, they have some snacks and nibbles, but nothing of substance.

Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che Details

Open: Daily 16:00 – 01:00

Close: Tuesday

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 076-255-1636

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Craft Beer Bar & Pub Tatemachi Che

Directions from Kanazawa Station
Directions from Nomachi Station
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