Far Yeast Peach Citrus Gose by Far Yeast Brewing Company

Far Yeast Peach Citrus Gose is a limited edition 4.5% ABV fruit-infused gose from Far Yeast Brewing Company. There’s some peaches in there, obviously, along with some wheat, barley, yuzu (Yuzu!), Hassaku oranges and salt. Quite a mix! Let’s see how it fares.

Mmm, juicy

Far Yeast Peach Citrus Gose Aroma and Taste

Far Yeast Peach Citrus Gose pours out looking like unfiltered apple juice, with a head that BAMF’ed away while my back was turned. Hence the decapitated beer in the photo. The nose is light, peachy and acidic, with a juicy mouthwatering aspect to it.

For a fleeting second as I sipped this, there was a little zing of sourness, but it was gone faster than a plate of chips in front of Rob (or if you prefer, Rob’s chips in front of Joe). Mainly, Far Yeast Peach Citrus Gose is juicy and mouthwatering from the fruit and the addition of the salt. It’s also pretty aggressively carbonated.

As it warms up, the sweetness begins to come through as well, and so too does the bready chewiness from the wheat. The little twinge of sourness remains, but it’s not as sour as any other gose I’ve had.

Far Yeast Peach Citrus Gose Peach Citrus Gose The Bottom Line

Far Yeast Peach Citrus Gose was a nice beer, though I was disappointed that it really lacked the sourness of a decent gose. What it lacks in that it makes up for in complexity of flavour though, with the peach, yuzu, salt and wheat all well-balanced.

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