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Hansharo Kiirotsubaki by Hansharo Beer

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Hansharo Kiirotsubaki is a 5% English summer ale from Hansharo Beer, based in Shizuoka, Japan. Ironically, it’s not part of their summer lineup, instead being part of their “beers named after flowers” range. The beer takes its name from the Yellow camellia, which are a very common flower during springtime in Japan. Hansharo Kiirotsubaki is brewed using imported Boadicea hops from the UK.

Hansharo Kiirotsubaki 反射炉黄椿

Hansharo Kiirotsubaki Aroma and Taste

I imagined a brightly coloured golden beer, with plumes of white head, but what I ended up with was a dark hazy golden colour – not quite the image of beer I was hoping for. There was a distinct Hansharo-like aroma to it – the smell that all of their beer recently seem to have. Perhaps they’ve changed to using the same yeast for all of their beers now? Hansharo Kiirotsubaki also had some light fruity tones to it but nothing bold nor offensive.

Hansharo Kiirotsubaki lacked life to it in the body – it just didn’t seem suited to being chilled. After letting it warm up for a bit, the flavours were a tad bolder but lacked staying power. The fruity yeasty subtleness was hard to focus on as a weird butteriness came through as well. There was a smidgen of citrus lemon to it but nothing much more worth thinking about. The aftertaste was as memorable as the body.


Hansharo Kiirotsubaki The Bottom Line

The Ise Kadoya Hanakin series of beers makes Hansharo Kiirotsubaki look like a mistake of a beer.

Where to Buy Hansharo Kiirotsubaki

Hansharo Kiirotsubaki can be bought online at the following places:

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