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Suginoya Amber by Suginoya Beer

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Suginoya Amber is a 5% amber ale from Suginoya Beer, based in Fukuoka, Japan. It’s part of their all year round range. Like the rest of the Suginoya Beer range, Suginoya Amber is brewed using natural spring water.

Suginoya Amber 杉能舎アンバー

Suginoya Amber Aroma and Taste

Suginoya Amber poured out a hazy muddy brownish red colour with no discernible head at all. It had a fruity caramel nose to it but no hop aroma of note. It smelt like beer but the buttery nose to it was off-putting to say the least.

The body was just as weird as the nose too. There was some semblance of and earthy body to Suginoya Amber, which was better than the nose, and it also had some caramel malty tones to it. However, the buttery aftertaste was not pleasing. It was all a bit thin and lacking in substance really.


Suginoya Amber The Bottom Line

Suginoya Amber isn’t the worst beer I’ve had but it’s one of the worst ambers I’ve had.

Where to Buy Suginoya Amber

Suginoya Amber can be bought online at the following places:

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