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Bay Brewing Bay Weiss by Yokohama Bay Brewing Company 

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Bay Brewing Bay Weiss is a 5% hefeweizen from Yokohama Bay Brewing Company, based in Kanagawa, Japan. It started out life as part of their draft range and with the move to Totsuka it has meant Bay Brewing Bay Weiss is now available in bottled form.

Bay Brewing Bay Weiss ベイブルーイングベイヴァイス

Bay Brewing Bay Weiss Aroma and Taste

After drinking the Bay Brewing Pilsner, I was nervous about Bay Brewing Bay Weiss. It couldn’t be two bad bottles from two, or could it? Bay Brewing Bay Weiss poured out a hazy dark straw colour with a reasonable amount of fluffy white head on top. Not a large amount but it stuck to the side of the glass as the beer went down. It had a strong wheaty aroma, with a hint of banana to it with the clove aroma being more subtle than usual.

Bay Brewing Bay Weiss was refreshing from start to finish, and with the wheat and banana flavours being well balanced, it was also very easy drinking. It wasn’t too sweet either however the flavours did dissipate fast and left a slight tart taste on the palate. Not an off flavour, but noticeable.


Bay Brewing Bay Weiss The Bottom Line

Bay Brewing Bay Weiss is an ok hefeweizen but there are better ones out there for the same price.

Where to Buy Bay Brewing Bay Weiss

Bay Brewing Bay Weiss can be bought online at the following places:

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