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Atsugi Honey Ale by Atsugi Beer

by Rob
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Atsugi Honey Ale is a beer brewed using an American pale ale recipe with a good dosage of honey in the mix. I have to admit, even though Atsugi Beer is really near to where I live, I have never seen them in stock in the area. Atsugi Honey Ale won the best fruit beer award in the 1998 International Beer Cup.

atsugi honey ale

The bees knees… (did I use it right?)

Atsugi Honey Ale Aroma and Taste

Atsugi Honey Ale poured out with no head besides a thin ring around the top that really could not be justified in being called a head. I expected to get some honey notes off the beer, but if there were any, then they were not very strong or the bees had harvested them. There were some soft sweet notes with a hoppy background present. However, the colour of Atsugi Honey Ale did remind me of some decent quality honey due to its thick luscious golden colour.

The disappointment of the taste though was more of what I expected. The honey taste was present but not overpowering. As Atsugi Honey Ale is hopped with amarillo hops, the citrus, hoppy tones were also present but well-balanced with the honey. The flavours aren’t that strong and it isn’t going to be confused with a jar of honey but it was nice. The aftertaste was fairly simple and not bitter.

Atsugi Honey Ale One-Line Review

Atsugi Honey Ale is a surprisingly nice beer that doesn’t bombard your taste buds with overpowering flavours, unlike other fruit beers though the honey flavours could be more pronounced.


Where to Buy Atsugi Honey Ale

We got out bottle of Atsugi Honey Ale from Sogo department store in Yokohama. Else, you can order yours online from Atsugi Beer’s online store here.

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