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Romantic Village Beer Information

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Romantic Village BeerRomantic Village Beer, occasionally known as Utsunomiya Craft Beer, is a craft beer brewery based in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi. Romantic Village Beer is located on Romantic Village, a large resort area that encompasses various different areas for people to play and also an onsite brewery too. The brewery itself uses locally sourced two-row malt from the local Tochigi area and also tries to ferment their beers from anywhere between 45 to 65 days on site before bottling.

Romantic Village Beer Main Line Up

The main line up includes the following:

  • Romantic Village Mugi Taro – a 6% pilsner brewed from locally sourced malt from Utsunomiya along with Czech hops.
  • Romantic Village Muji Jiro – a 6% pilsner that uses yeast cultivated from the outside of barley.
  • Romantic Village Gyoza Roman – a 6.5% märzen style beer that was brewed in conjunction with the Utsunomiya Gyoza Association.
  • Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer – a 7.5% dortmunder that uses onsen water from the Kinugawa area before it has entered public use.

Romantic Village Beer Seasonal Line Up:

Romantic Village Beer also produces seasonal beers throughout the year:

  • Romantic Village Kuro Beer – a 5% schwarzbier that is available from May to October.
  • Romantic Village IPA – a 7% IPA that contains 2 – 3 times the regular amount of hops used in the pilsners.
  • Romantic Village Fuyunokiseki (Winter Miracle) – a 6.5% dortmunder / helles style beer that is available from November to February.
  • Romantic Village Weizenbock – a 7% German style weizenbock with chocolate flavours. Limited edition with serial numbers from mid-January.
  • Romantic Village Imperial Stout – a 9% imperial stout that uses brown sugar sourced from Okinawa. Available from mid-January.

Romantic Village Beer Details:

Address: 〒321-2118 Tochigi-ken, Utsunomiya-shi, Shinkuricho 254


Phone: 028-665-8800

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.romanticmura.com/brewery/index.html

Online Store: http://www.tochigift.com/shopbrand/ct129/

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