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Onuma Beer Information

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Onuma Beer Lineup

Photo courtesy of Onuma Beer

Onuma Beer, sometimes known as Onuma Craft Brewery, is a craft beer brewery located in Onuma, Hokkaido, in the north of Japan. The brewery was established in 1997 and operates along side their taproom, known as Brauhaus Onuma, which is German for brew house. Since opening, Onuma Beer have won over 50 awards domestically for their beers. As the brewery is located at the foot of Mt. Yokotsu, Onuma Beer are able to use the fresh mountain water that comes down during the spring and summer as the snowpack melts.

Onuma Beer Range

The following beers are part of Onuma Beer’s all year-round range of beer:

  • Onuma Kolsch – a 5% kölsch style beer that is brewed in the traditional German manner.
  • Onuma Alt – a 5% altbier that Onuma first brewed back in 1997.
  • Onuma India Pale Ale – an 8% English style IPA that has 30% more malt than their other main beers.

Onuma Beer Details

Address: 208 Onuma-cho, Nanaecho Hokkaido Kameda-gun, 041-1354 Japan


Phone: 0138-67-1611

Homepage (in Japanese): http://onumabeer.co.jp/

SNS: Twitter

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