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Kazekami Porter by Kazekami Bakushu 

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Kazekami Porter is an 8% porter from Kazekami Bakushu, based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. It’s part of their bottled only range, and we’re yet to come across it on tap. It’s also technically a happoshu as Kazekami Porter is brewed with cloves and something called リンデン, or rinden, in Japanese. In English, this is known as the Tilia europaea also called the Common Lime, that bears small fruits that don’t have any link to the lime fruit, though I’ve never seen or tried one.

Kazekami Porter

Tastes a bit like that mouth cleaner you get at an Indian restaurant after you’ve finished your meal.

Kazekami Porter Aroma and Taste

Kazekami Porter poured out a pitch black colour with a fairly clean frothy white head on top that lingered right through until the last drop. I don’t know how much clove went into this recipe, but it’s aggressively there – so much so that even when Kazekami Porter was chilled, the pungent clove aroma was still prevalent. There were hints of chocolate, some creamy vanilla notes, and also liquorice too. This beer isn’t for the faint of heart nor for those looking for something gentle in their stouts.

The body of Kazekami Porter was mixed – the mouthfeel was spot on for a nice thick stout, and had a residual creaminess to it that was balanced very well with the chocolate and coffee flavours. However, the cloves came screaming in, akin to a hyperactive two-year-old begging you for your attention after eating a ton of sugary food. Most surprisingly, it kind of works. The flavours somehow come together very well, though some less clove would be nice in the next batch. It finished off with a slight residual clove flavour on the palate before leaving with a roasted chocolate flavour.

Kazekami Porter The Bottom Line

If you like cloves AND porters, then you’ll like Kazekami Porter. A lot. If not, then this would be a perfect beer beer to share with someone and split the cost.


Where to Buy Kazekami Porter

Kazekami Porter isn’t available to buy online at the moment – even direct from the brewery. The only place I’ve seen Kazekami Porter is at Le Petit L’Ouest in Shimokitazawa.

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