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Swan Lake Logo

Swan Lake Beer Logo

Swan Lake Beer is located in Sasaoka, Niigata about 45 minutes from the Japan sea and they have been brewing beers 1997. Swan Lake Beer also has two taprooms located in Tokyo; one near Tokyo station and one near Shibuya that both sell the majority of their beers. Swan Lake Beer can boast a proud heritage as they have won over 90 awards for their beers since their inception.

Swan Lake Beer Main Lineup

  • Swan Lake Porter – One of their most popular beers based on a porter recipe. It has won over 20 awards.
  • Swan Lake Weizen – Brewed using a traditional weizen recipe. Yet to win any awards, a rarity for this brewery.
  • Swan Lake Koshihikari – Brewed using locally sourced koshihikari rice, which is deemed to be the best rice in Japan for eating and making nihonshu.
  • Swan Lake Amber Ale – An amber ale that is brewed using imported American hops. It has won over 20 awards.
  • Swan Lake Barley – An unusual beer in that it is aged for one year to produce the best flavours.
  • Swan Lake Golden Ale – A refreshing beer that won an award back in 2002.

Swan Lake Beer Limited Range

They also produce some special limited edition beers as listed below that are sometimes available in draught or bottle form, or on the rare occasion, both.

  • Swan Lake B-IPA – The B stands for black as it is a black IPA.
  • Swan Lake #B-IPA – A continuation of the B-IPA range with this Belgian IPA.
  • Swan Lake Imperial Stout  – A typical imperial stout that clocks in at around 10 % ABV.
  • Swan Lake Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – Take the Swan Lake Imperial Stout and age it in whiskey casks.
  • Swan Lake Big Daddy Imperial Red Ale – Swan Lake Beer’s tribute to Ōshita-san and the Masaji Beer Project
  • Swan Lake Gray Stout – A Belgian stout that is brewed to a traditional stout recipe with Belgian yeast.
  • Swan Lake IPA – A seasonal 7% American IPA
  • Swan Lake Miel Blanc – A 5% spiced beer with the addition of Niigata honey.
  • Swan Lake Strawberry Dark Saison – Swan Lake’s 2018 effort towards Valentine’s day is brewed using locally sourced Niigata strawberries.

Swan Lake Beer Details

Parent Company: Hyouko Yashiki No Mori Brewery

Address: 〒959-1944, Niigata-ken, Agano-shi, Kanaya 345-1

Phone: 0250-63-2000

Website (in Japanese): Swan Lake Homepage

Online Store: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/swanlakebeer

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