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Shiga Kogen Beer Lineup

Tamamura Honten LineupTamamura Honten started brewing Shiga Kogen Beer, like several other breweries such as Kiuchi Brewery, as an offshoot from a sake brewery. In 2004, Tamamura Honten applied for a license and started brewing in September of the same year. Unlike other breweries however, Shiga Kogen Beer receives 20% of its hops from the local area, produced by Tamamura Honten.

Tamamura Honten’s Main Lineup

Tamamura Honten’s Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

This will get updated throughout BeerTengoku’s life of Tamamura Honten’s seasonal and limited edition beers.

  • Shiga Kogen 1t IPA – a 9.5% Double / Imperial IPA where the name stems from the 1000kg+, or 1 metric ton, of malts used to brew Shiga Kogen 1t IPA, and the amount of hops, which are unknown at the time of writing, have given it an ibu of 109.
  •  Shiga Kogen / Hair of The Dog Adamu – a 10% old world ale that is a collaborative release from Shiga Kogen x Hair of The Dog.
  • Shiga Kogen Africa Pale Ale – An American pale ale that is supposed to be between a traditional English pale ale and an IPA.
  • Shiga Kogen Baby Miyama Blonde – a 5% saison that is brewed using using Nishikimiyama rice and with additions of Shinshu hops and the hop varietal Loral HBC291 from the USA
  • Shiga Kogen BLOND – A 5% seasonal blond ale that was first produced in 2015.
  • Shiga Kogen Domestic Dry Stout – A 5% dry stout, also sometimes known as an Irish-style stout, brewed using locally sourced hops.
  • Shiga Kogen DPA – Originally draft only, this 5.2% pale ale finds its way to bottles for limited times only.
  • Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee – A 5.5% pale ale that is part of a limited edition range which sees Trunk Coffee, based in Nagoya, throwing in some of their beans into the Shiga Kogen range of beers.
  • Shiga Kogen Fake Weizen – A 5.5% witbier that is brewed using saison yeast first produced in 2015.
  • Shiga Kogen Harvest Summer Saison – A 5.5% saison style beer, slightly stronger than the traditional Belgian style and is released in autumn.
  • Shiga Kogen IBA – A 7% Autumnal black IPA that is wet hopped using Centennial hops.
  • Shiga Kogen IBrA – a 6% India Brown Ale brewed with eight different malts and oats, with some of them being domestically grown, and a variety of hops, to give it an IBU of 56.
  • Shiga Kogen Imperial Indian Summer Saison – An 8.5% saison from Tamamura Honten that is part of their limited edition line up of beer.
  • Shiga Kogen Monkey Claws – a 12% barleywine named after the monkeys that habitat the Yamanouchi town, Nagano.
  • Shiga Kogen Nigai Lager Pilsner – A hoppy 5% pilsner brewed to make a bitter version of a popular style of beer.
  • Shiga Kogen Not So Special – A 4.5% English bitter from Tamamura Honten that is part of their winter lineup of beer.
  • Shiga Kogen No 10 Anniversary IPA – A 7.5% Imperial IPA brewed to celebrated 10 years of Shiga Kogen. First brewed in 2014 but on sale annually.
  • Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc – a 5.5% saison brewed using two kinds of New Zealand hops and two different yeasts in the fermentation stage.
  • Shiga Kogen Shoubu Miyama Blonde – a 6.5% spiced / herb seasonal special from Tamamura Honten that contains the roots of sweet flags.
  • Shiga Kogen Smoky Brown – A 6.5% smoked ale from Tamamura Honten
  • Shiga Kogen Snow Monkey IPA – 5.5% American style IPA that is produced in limited quantities in both draught form and in bottles.
  • Shiga Kogen Takashi Imperial Stout – a 10% imperial stout which is aged for six months on-site and is named after the head clerk that used to work at Tamamura Honten.
  • Shiga Kogen Wheat Ale – A 5% Summer seasonal brewed to a German hefeweizen recipe and infused with American hops.
  • Shiga Kogen WIBA Masaji The Great – A 9% black IPA from Tamamura Honten and is part of the Masaji Beer Project series.

Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Beer

Tamamura Honten Brewery Information

Address: 〒381-0401, Nagano-ken, Shimotakai district, Yamanouchi town, Heion 1163

Phone number: 0269-33-2155

Website (Japanese only): Homepage

Online Store: Shiga Kogen Beer store

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    1. Yes, if you email then they will sort something out. There are also two places to drink on site – Tamamura Honten Gallery and also Teppa Room.

  1. Thet are one of the top 3 craft beer brewers in Japan in my opinion. Their regulars are consistently good, and their seasonals / specials are always worth looking out for.

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