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Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale by Noboribetsu Brewpub

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Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale is a 5% American pale ale from Noboribetu Brewpub, based in Hokkaido, Japan. It’s sometimes known as Oni Densetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale due to the character on the front of the bottle. It’s part of their all-year round range of beers and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. It’s brewed with five different kinds of American hops though with the Noboribetsu Brewpub site being down, not much else can be found about this beer besides it having won a couple of awards in the International Beer Competition, whatever that means.

Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale

How to scare your kids – show them this label.

Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale poured out, what appeared to be, a clear amber colour but also seemed to be, well, flat. There was no life to it at all – not even the trusted IPA glass could induce any life out of it. It did have a strong pine and citrus nose to it though so there was some hoppy life to it, which was reassuring to know. The hops though didn’t last long before fading away to leave a slightly sweet, caramel nose to the beer.

The mouthfeel that initially greeted me was stick with some sweet malts coming along, followed by a subtle bitter edge to the beer that faded as quickly as it arrived. None of the flavours found in Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale were long lasting nor potent. While chilled, it was certainly a drinkable and refreshing beer, but didn’t really get me excited and by the end, Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale just felt like a slightly bitter caramel mash up of a beer.


Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale The Bottom Line

Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale wasn’t special and isn’t worth hunting down for.

Where to Buy Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale

I picked up my bottle of Noboribetsu Kin’oni Pale Ale from Tanakaya in Mejiro, Tokyo.

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