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Nagisa Beer Information

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Nagisa Beer

Photo courtesy of Nagisa Beer.

Nagisa Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Shirahama, Wakayama, Japan. They opened on 18th November 1996, a couple of years after the Japanese government had reduced the amount of beer needed for a licence, and the brewery is considered to be one of the first wave of Japanese craft breweries.Nagisa Beer obtained their licence to brew beer the year after, and have had the same brewer, Manabe Kazuya, since opening. The name “Nagisa” stems from the local beach in Shirahama, and the area has been twined with Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach for over three generations at the time of writing.

Nagisa Beer Line Up

The following are part of Nagisa Beer’s all year round lineup.

  • Nagisa Heaven – a 5% helles beer though it is advertised as a pilsner on their homepage.
  • Nagisa American Wheat – a 5% American wheat style beer that uses imported Czech Saaz hops.
  • Nagisa Pale Ale – a 5% American pale that was the first beer brewed at Nagisa Beer.

Nagisa Beer Seasonal And Limited Edition Lineup

The following are part of Nagisa Beer’s seasonal lineup.

  • Nagisa Eyepatch Stout – a 5% stout that is part of their winter lineup.
  • Nagisa Amber Ale – a 5% amber ale that is part of their late spring / early summer lineup.
  • Nagisa Golden Ale – a 5% golden ale that is part of their summer lineup.
  • Nagisa Mikan Ale – a 5% fruit beer brewed with locally sourced oranges and on sale in autumn.

Nagisa Beer Details

Address: 〒649-2211 Wakayama Prefecture, Nishimuro District, Shirahama-cho 2927-220

Phone: 050-3820-8958

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.nagisa.co.jp/

Online store (in Japanese): http://www.nagisa.co.jp/index.html

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