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Hyappa Brews Stout by Hyappa Brews

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Hyappa Brews Stout is a 5.5% stout from Hyappa Brews, based in Aichi, Japan. It’s part of their seasonal lineup and can be found in bottles or on tap at the brewpub. According to the label, Hyappa Brews Stout also contains honey as well, thus making it a happo-shu grade beer, though that only applies to the tax bracket and not that it’s one of those dodgy cheap beers that may give you an almighty hangover if you drink too many of them. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether Hyappa Brews Stout will become part of the all-year round range.

Hyappa Brews Stout

Standard stout with a bit of sweetness.

Hyappa Brews Stout Aroma and Taste

Hyappa Brews Stout poured out a deep brownish black colour with a slight tan head that faded to an oily slick on top. It didn’t have any sediment in the bottom when poured so it’s unknown if Hyappa Brews Stout is bottle conditioned or not. It had the typical aromas of coffee and chocolate with some hints of black malt but thankfully they had been restrained as Hyappa Brews Stout didn’t have an astringent nose to it. If there was any honey in Hyappa Brews Stout, then I must of missed it as I couldn’t really pick up anything from the beer.

Most stouts in Japan tend to veer towards the thin side, with them resembling a porter and Hyappa Brews Stout is more of the same there. It had some nice flavours going on with the coffee and chocolate both being smoother than expected though Hyappa Brews Stout didn’t really get going in terms of boldness of flavours or of any other flavours coming through. There was a slight sweetness towards the end of Hyappa Brews Stout but by then the other flavours had warmed up and threatened to drown it out.

Hyappa Brews Stout The Bottom Line

Hyappa Brews Stout is a decent well-made stout-lite beer but won’t set the world alight.


Where to Buy Hyappa Brews Stout

Hyappa Brews Stout can be bought online by messaging them directly on Facebook.

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