Kure Alt by Kure Beer

Kure Alt by Kure Beer is a 5% Alt. Pretty straightforward there! It’s part of their regular lineup and can be bought year-round.

Kure Alt by Kure Beer Aroma and Taste

Kure Alt literally squeaked open (they come with these weird ring-pull tops). It pours out with an off-white, yellowish head and a weirdly opaque deep peat-brown. The aroma is clean and hoppy.

The taste of Kure Alt is first and foremost bitter. There’s a lot of grainy malt flavours too, and fruity, cherry-like esters as well. The aftertaste of roast malt is quite strong, and there’s a dry and nutty quality to it.

Kure Alt by Kure Beer: The Bottom Line

I enjoyed Kure Alt! It was clean and refreshing. The cherry-like esters mix with the malts and impart a complex flavour on this beer. Interesting!

Where to buy Kure Alt by Kure Beer

Kure Beer Online Shop

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