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Baeren Yamada Beer by Baeren

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Baeren Yamada Beer is a 5.5% alt style beer from Baeren, based in Iwate, Japan. The full name is Baeren Iwate-ken Yamado-cho Orando-shima beer. It’s part of the Baeren limited edition range and is Baeren’s effort to support the area that was damaged by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. Yamada-cho, or Yamada town in English, is located near the brewery and the staff helped out with recovery efforts. For every bottle sold, 10yen goes towards helping to rebuild the area. At the time of writing, Baeren Yamada Beer can only be found in bottles only.

Baeren Yamado Beer

Drinking and helping charity (a little) is always welcome.

Baeren Yamada Beer Aroma and Taste

Baeren Yamada Beer poured out a slight hazy copper red colour with a large off-white head with flecks of red through it. The head lasted for a quite a while, before collapsing down to about 1/4 its original size. The aroma was unmistakably sweet, with a strong caramel flavour permeating throughout drinking, and only became stronger when Baeren Yamada Beer had warmed up. There was also a slight bready aroma to it as well which only came through one it had warmed up.

Depending on how altbiers are brewed, they can have either a clean dry taste if fermented at low temperatures, or more fruity flavours if fermented at a higher temperature. Baeren Yamada Beer most certainly fit the latter kind with it having a soft fruity complexity to it of plums and raisins, along with some caramel flavours too that could be cloying if drunk in a large amount. There was no bitterness to Baeren Yamado Beer – it was sweet from start to finish, with some earthy character inbetween. It also had a soft level of carbonation to it that was paired with a stickiness as well.

Baeren Yamada Beer The Bottom Line

Baeren Yamada Beer isn’t an exceptional alt but neither is it bad. If you like your beers simple and sweet, then check it out.


Where to Buy Baeren Yamada Beer

Baeren Yamada Beer can be bought online at the following places:

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