Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo by Harvestmoon Brewery

Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo

Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo is a 5% fruit beer from Harvestmoon, based in Chiba, Japan and it is part of their autumnal range of beers. It’s styled as being one the most sour beers available on the market, with a pH of less than 3.5 though this is due to the inclusion of lemons and not from natural fermentation process like in a sours beer, or the addition of bacteria or salt as in a gose. It also seems that the base of the beer varies from year-to-year with the 2015 version having an American wheat base. At the time of writing, Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo is available in bottled form only.

Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo

Can you handle the sourness?

Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo Aroma and Taste

Jawbreakers. Warheadz. Toxic Sludge. These are the sour sweets I had growing up to get that sour tang before I could drink beer. With Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo, Harvestmoon promised a sourness that will leave you reeling but from the outset, it was clear that the main instrument of sourness was the lemons that had been added to the beer as it had a potent citrus lemon aroma coming off it. I didn’t dare get my nose in any closer for feeling of killing off my olfactory senses. The beer had a light brown colour that was slightly hazy along with a soft, flat white head that dissipated fairly quickly.

The body….boy was it sour. For the initial minute or so I wondered if I could handle the sourness but then it faded very quickly to leave a lemongrass-like flavour on the tongue which balanced nicely with the wheat base. It’s a shame that Harvestmoon had focussed so much on the pH and the sourness as it took a lot away from what could have been a nice lemony-wheat ale. Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo finished off with a familiar lemongrass twang to it but I was left wanting for what could have been.

Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo One Line Review

Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo could have been a great citrus wheat beer but ended up as being a mess. Not one to hunt out really.

Where to Buy Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo

Harvestmoon Il Limone del Diavolo can be bought online at the following places:

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