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Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale by Nasu Kogen Beer

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Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale is a 5% spiced / fruit beer from Nasu Kohgen Beer. It is part of their autumn seasonal lineup and is on sale from the beginning of October. The word momiji translates into maple in English and the leaves are a common fixation with Japanese cuisine, in particular sweets, around that time of year, with momiji manju, maple sweet bean cakes, being one of the main desserts. When on sale, Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale can be found in bottles and on tap.

Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale

The colour of autumn in your glass.

Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale Aroma and Taste

The browns of Autumn are known to get people in a flurry, with the national news companies displaying where and when are the best times to see the changing colours of the leaves. Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale poured out a deep bronze colour so I guess the brewers at Nasu Kohgen Beer had got their desired Autumn look in the beer. The head was fairly minimal, with less than a finger’s worth of slightly brownish white head on top. The aroma wasn’t potent either, with some faint aroma of caramel and a sweetness that wasn’t even close to being maple like.

Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale didn’t have a strong flavour in the body either with the caramel sweetness only being slightly present along with a slight burnt taste to it as well. It was very easy drinking and didn’t last long; however, I should have taken my time as the flavours became bolder once it had reached room temperature. The aftertaste did have some maple tinge to it but not as strong as I would have liked.

Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale One Line Review

If you know some Canadians who are homesick for some maple syrup then give them a bottle of Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale. Else, it’s not really worth buying.


Where to Buy Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale

Nasu Kogen Momiji Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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