Echigo Sometimes Brews by Echigo Beer

Echigo Sometimes Brews エチゴサムタイムズ ブルース

Echigo Sometimes Brews is a 4.5% wheat ale from Echigo Beer, based in Niigata, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition lineup and can be found in both cans and on tap across Japan. Besides being brewed with malt – well that makes a change – there’s no much to say about Echigo Sometimes Brews.

Echigo Sometimes Brews エチゴサムタイムズ ブルース

Echigo Sometimes Brews Aroma and Taste

Without knowing what kind of beer Echigo Sometimes Brews was supposed to be, it was poured into the blandest glass I had in my collection. One that is resigned to boring beers that I have no information about. Echigo Sometimes Brews just smelt oxidised from the get go – perhaps it was the lack of head that stopped the full on oxidised hops from coming through, but Echigo Sometimes Brews lacked punch or nice aromatics in the nose. The malts were muted behind the hops – I could have sworn there was some grapefruit in there, but the wet cardboard aroma just defeated everything else in the beer.

The body to Echigo Sometimes Brews was more of the same. A distinct lack of punch or flavour besides the oxidised bitterness of hops and some stale malts. The sweetness from the malts was barely there and if there was wheat malt used during the brewing, then it missed me by.

Echigo Sometimes Brews The Bottom Line

Clearly someone doesn’t brew that much at Echigo Beer – nor taste their beer either before packaging and selling.

Where to Buy Echigo Sometimes Brews

Echigo Sometimes Brews can be bought online at the following places:

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