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Full Moon Beer by Otaru Beer Brewery

by Rob
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Full Moon Beer, from Otaru in Hokkaido, is pilsner style beer that comes in a variety of labels. Based on lunar cycles, somebody decided to brew the Full Moon Beer at the dawn of a full moon night and then slowly mature it for a whole lunar cycle, with special yeast added. Sound like pseudo-science babble to me. This 5% beer is brewed with imported German barley malt too.

Full Moon Beer

Don’t worry, Full Moon Beer won’t turn into a werewolf during a full moon.

Full Moon Beer Aroma and Taste

After reading the blurb here about Full Moon Beer, I didn’t know whether to take it seriously or as a joke. I waited for a full moon to come around and then cracked Full Moon Beer open. It was very lively and produced a massive amount of frothy off-white head on top. It had a clear golden body to boot with a rich malt and caramel aroma though not too strong. Some hops were also present but nothing offensive.

According to the blurb from the website, I should have replaced my regular white wine with Full Moon Beer to fully appreciate it’s “spirit”. That “spirit” may have been lost on me but the body of malt and caramel meant the pilsner label it had been given didn’t really suit it so much. Is it Czech style with the foamy head or European style due to the sweetness found within? Full Moon Beer finished off like a sweet, dry white wine though not as sharp.

Full Moon Beer One Line Review

Full Moon Beer is pleasant enough to drink but I doubt I would go back for more.


Where to Buy Full Moon Beer

A list of bars and shops that stock Full Moon Beer can be found here on the website. I got my bottle from World Gourmet in Yokohama though I have also seen it in Le Collier too.

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