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Bayern Meister Prinz by Bayern Meister Bier

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Bayern Meister Prinz is a 5% German style pilsner from Bayern Meister Bier, based in Fujinomiya city, Shizuoka. The name stems from prinz being a portmanteau of premium and pilsners. It’s part of their all-year round range of craft beer and can be found in bottles and, though rare, on tap as well. Bayern Meister Prinz is brewed using imported malt and Hallertau hops from South Germany and locally sourced mountain water too.

Bayern Meister Prinz

Portmanteaus aside, Bayern Meister Prinz is a nice crisp beer.

Bayern Meister Prinz Aroma and Taste

After finding out that Bayern Meister Prinz was a pilsner beer, it made this review so much easier. Finding the beer in the middle of Chiba as well, rather than in World Beer Market made it even weirder. It poured out a clear light straw-like colour with only the condensation on the side of the glass preventing it from being completely clear. The beer had a minimal amount of clean white head which dissipated quickly into the beer. The aroma coming off of Bayern Meister Prinz was biscuity / cereal-like with a clear nose of the noble hop aroma of Hallertau hops – certainly flowery and pleasant.

Even though pilsners are ten a plenty in Japan, it’s still nice to come across one that offers something better than the main ones on the supermarket shelves. The body followed with the aroma with the biscuity / cereal-like qualities to it with a caramel sweetness but the hops prevent it from getting too sweet. It wasn’t too carbonated either so it would be more than possible to drink Bayern Meister Prinz really quickly on a hot day though you would be missing out on a well-balanced beer. It finished off dry, leaving a faint sweetness on the palate.

Bayern Meister Prinz One Line Review

Bayern Meister Prinz is a well made German pilsner and would happily buy it again. If I could find it in the shops.


Where to Buy Bayern Meister Prinz

Bayern Meister Prinz can be bought online at the following places:

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