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Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel by Michinoku Fukushima Brewery

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Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel is a 5.5% German Munich dunkel style beer from Michinoku Fukushima Brewery, in Fukushima. It can be found in bottles and also on draught though it’s getting harder as Michinoku Fukushima Brewery have started to reign in their supply points it seems. Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel has been part of Michinoku Fukushima Brewery’s lineup since its foundation in 1997 and uses locally sourced water from Mount Azuma.

Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel みちのく福島路デュンケルFukushima Michinoku Dunkel Aroma and Taste

First, allow me to digress for a bit. It was at Beer Animal that I was reminded of Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel by John, one of the main people behind the store. He was talking about the changes at Beer Animal and Brimmer Beer Box which then led on to the topic of Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale coming on tap soon. Alas, I had to leave the bar but popped into Nomono in Akihabara on the way back and picked up some of Michinoku Fukushima range of beers.

Digression aside, Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel poured out a layered colour of light reddish-brown at the bottom of the glass, much lighter than expected while remaining a deep brown at the top. The head had a heavily brown-tinged appearance that lingered throughout drinking. Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel had a much sweeter aroma than other dunkels I’ve had in the past, along with a syrupy caramel aroma too.

Drinking Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel is akin to drinking a beer that has had a large dollop of gum syrup dropped into it that has not been stirred or mixed properly. At times, the sweetness was mild and pleasurable while at other times, it was other the top sweet and cloying that then had some chocolate notes going on as well to finish off.


Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel One Line Review

Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel is quite sweet for a dunkel that could do with it toning down. Not bad, but for those primarily with a sweet tooth.

Where to Buy Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel

Fukushima Michinoku Dunkel can be bought at the following places online:

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