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Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer by Yo-Ho Brewing

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Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer (For You & Me) is a collaboration between Yo-Ho Brewing and Lawson’s convenience store chain. The sharp-eyed reader of BeerTengoku would have noticed this beer at the BeerFes Yokohama event back in September.Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer  is a saison style beer that comes in at 5%, much lower than the current import fad of beers with a much higher alcohol content.

Boku Beer, Kimi Beer

Who is this beer for? For you? For me? For us?

Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer Aroma and Taste

For some reason, I poured Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer into an IPA glass but the beer was a golden amber colour with a fair lacing of head. The aroma coming off ofYo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer was potent; lovely notes of citrus and yeast wafted out along with a coriander-like aroma coming off too.

The funky frog, reminiscent of hypnotoad from Futurama, hypnotised me into writing such nice words about the aroma and being incredibly thirsty, the initial taste of Boku Beer Kimi Beer is sweet and tangy. It’s definitely a saison but much lighter than previous ones tried on BeerTengoku. The citrus aroma is still present, but more lemony and the spices finish off on the palate nicely. The tart aftertaste works well for it and leaves you wanting more.

Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer One-Line Review

Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer is definitely a worthy addition to your beer supplies and one of the best saisons I’ve had for a long time.


Where to Buy Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer

Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer can be bought at Lawson’s and Natural Lawson’s across Japan. There are no plans at the time of writing to release it to other stores.

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