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Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon by Kyoto Brewing Company

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Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon, or Sosetsuryu, is a 5.5% stout from Kyoto Brewing Company and is a collaboration beer with Tiny Rebel, from Wales. It is the fourth in the nakama, or friendship, series that that have been running and also the 21st beer different beer that they have made. If you hadn’t guessed, the name is an homage to the video game from the eighties, Double Dragon from Technos Japan. The idea for the beer started out as a foreign export stout and then fermented using the in-house Belgian yeast followed by an addition of figs. At the time of writing, Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon can only be found on draft only.

Beer Cafe Camiya Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon

Is this Billy Lee or Jimmy Lee?

Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon Aroma and Taste

As I walked in to Beer Bar Camiya in Kichijoji, the name on the board stood out the most and boom, Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon was ordered. It came up a deep brown colour, almost black in shadows of the bar, with a small amount of creamy tan head on top. Kyoto’s Belgian yeast was definitely present with some fruity esters coming off in between the chocolate and coffee notes as well. There was a faint hint of figs floating around with some essence of vanilla too going on.

The body had a creamy texture to it though it was very dry – much drier than other stouts I’ve had – and I’ve decided it was due to the Belgian yeast. It had imparted some esters onto the body. Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon had a strong coffee and chocolate connection in the body once it had warmed up from being served at almost freezing temperatures. At almost 6%, it’s one of the stronger stouts I’ve had in Japan that hasn’t had the booziness come through at some point. It could have been stronger and the bold flavours would have masked the booze. It finished off dry and bitter, with hints of cocoa in the aftertaste.

Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon One Line Review

I like Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon and think you would too though the Belgian influence is strong in this one.


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