Michinoku Fukushima Beer Information

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Michinoku Fukushima Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. The brewery was founded in November 2003, and is very much a family operation with the president, Shinji-san the head, and his sons being two of the brewers. Michinoku Fukushima Beer was one of the first craft beer breweries to focus on German style recipes after a trip around Europe …


Inawashiro Ji-Beer Information

Inawashiro Ji-Beer Logo

Inawashiro Ji-Beer is a craft beer brewery located on the edges of Inawashiro lake in Fukushima prefecture. The brewery opened up in 1997 and has won numerous awards since then for all of the beers. The beers are all based on the German Reinheitsgebot, and the brewers use imported brewing equipment from Germany and even had a German brewmaster to …