Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager by Miyazaki Hideji Beer

Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager・ひでじことほぎ〜レッドラガー

Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager is a 7% imperial lager from Miyazaki Hideji Beer, based in Miyazaki, in Kyushu, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager is brewed with azuki beans, rice, and also locally grown Ibuku hops. It was brewed as a celebration of the end of the Heisei period, and the start of the Reiwa period, both of which occured in April 2019.

Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager・ひでじことほぎ〜レッドラガー

Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager Aroma and Taste

Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager poured out a deep chestnut brownish red colour with a large amount of fluffy, slight off-white head on top that lingered throughout drinking. Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager had a slightly sweet caramel nose to it, with some hints of citrus from the hops. The hops didn’t possess much strength, so it was with the malts and the light bean-like aroma that I’ll remember this beer for. At 7% though, there wasn’t any noticeable alcohol heat coming off the beer.

The body had a long-lasting caramel sweetness to it, with just a hint of bitterness at the start. The lemon flavour in Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager did bring some respite from the sweetness, as well as a nice change of flavour. However, the body was relatively thin for a high alcohol lager like this. It finished off with a lingering nutty caramel flavour and a slight hint of lemon too.

Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager The Bottom Line

Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager is a nice little beer that I’d happily drink more of.

Where to Buy Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager

Hideji Kotohogi Red Lager can be bought online at the following places:

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