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Brimmer Session Black IPA by Brimmer Brewing

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Brimmer Session Black IPA is a 5.5% black IPA from Brimmer Brewing, based in Kawasaki. It was originally brewed for Watering Hole’s second anniversary in 2014, but Brimmer Session Black IPA is now part of their seasonal range of beer and was released in bottles in 2015. When it originally came out, it had an abv of 4.5% but it seems that bottled version has been ramped up. At the time of writing, it can be found in bottles and on draft as well.

Brimmer Session Black IPA

Black IPA is the in vogue style. So right now.

Brimmer Session Black IPA Aroma and Taste

Black IPAs seem to be the in vogue beer right now, with the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) adding the style of beer to its judging line up in 2015. While there aren’t many in Japan right now, Brimmer Session Black IPA along with Shonan Black IPA and Swan Lake Black IPA, are pushing the style forward. Brimmer Session Black IPA poured out a black colour that was a slight dark brown when the glass was at its thinnest. It had a strong citrus aroma that was paired up with a roasted coffee aroma and some hints of charcoal and chocolate too. My brain KNEW it was an IPA from the citrus aroma but those stout and porter-like qualities confused me.

The body though was without a doubt an IPA. Pine and citrus flavours permeated through the charcoal, chocolate, and coffee flavours along with a tart bitterness to it. The flavours were nicely balanced with one another and provided an interesting flavour profile throughout drinking. Brimmer Session Black IPA had a lingering bitterness in the aftertaste along with a slight roasted coffee flavour too.

Brimmer Session Black IPA One Line Review

Brimmer Session Black IPA is one black IPA that I would happily drink again with its multi-layered flavours and aromas working well.


Where to Buy Brimmer Session Black IPA

I got my bottle of Brimmer Session Black IPA from Deguchiya in Nakameguro. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen it online for sale anywhere.

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