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Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku by Kyoto Brewing Company

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Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku is a 4.8% stout from Kyoto Brewing Company that is part of their all-year round range of beers, know as their Teiban range. The name roughly translates to “Like the Black Tide”, with the Black Tide referring to the Japan current that works its way from Japan to the West Coast of the USA. With Kyoto Brewing Company having a distinct Belgian-American background, they went ahead and used Belgian yeast in this beer as well. It can be found on draft only at the time of writing.

Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku

Initially I thought this was a reference to an oil spill but some culture got me through.

Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku Aroma and Taste

This was number seven of about nine beers during a recent trip to DevilCraft Hamamatsucho though it was the only one I ordered a pint of. With Belgian yeast and a stout recipe, I really wanted to see how the flavours would develop as Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku warmed up and for scientific purposes, I thought it would be better to order a pint rather than a half.

Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku poured out a pitch black colour with a tan head on top – strange as the PR shot of this beer from Kyoto Brewing Company had a clean white head. The aroma definitely had a stout background, with chocolate and mild coffee flavours though the fruitiness and spiciness from the Belgian Ardennes yeast meant that it was also peculiar.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the thick stout I was hoping for. The body felt a tad watery for my liking on a cold winter’s evening though I could see this being nicer when the weather warms up a bit (it was a mild 5c that night). The stout flavours of chocolate and coffee were the most prominent but the fruitiness was still there, with it reminding me of raisins and plums. It finished off with a subtle yeasty creaminess that lingered on through the aftertaste.


Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku One Line Review

Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku is more of a dry stout though the Belgian influence in the taste may put staunch purists off. Going to be interesting to see how this develops over time.

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