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Thrashzone Envenom by Thrashzone Brew Labo

by Rob
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Thrashzone Envenom is Thrashzone Brew Labo’s take on a barley wine. What’s so extreme about that, I hear you say. If not, please say it now for artistic effect. Well it has got an abv of 11.8% for starters – more than most barley wines in Japan, but the most extreme thing about it is that it’s released in summer in limited quantities. Yes, a summer barley wine. Told you it was extreme. Thrashzone Envenom was first released in 2014 at 10% but made its second appearance in 2015, even stronger than the first. As such, it’s only sold in half pint measures and for very good reason.

Thrashzone Envenom

11.8% of pure goodness. Get it bottled ASAP!

Thrashzone Envenom Aroma and Taste

I was disappointed in getting only half a pint of Thrashzone Envenom – I can handle my extreme beers and I wanted an extreme amount of this barley wine as I knew Joe, who has a particular liking to barley wines couldn’t make it. Cue numerous photos to his Line account, teasing him. Like other beers at Thrash Zone, Thrashzone Envenom comes without any head and the meniscus teeters on the edge of overflowing as the barman, whom I keep forgetting the name of, places it gently down on the table like it is a glass of nitroglycerine ready to go off.

The first thing Thrashzone Envenom does is entice you with some sweet malts that have a strong plummy or fig-like aroma that wouldn’t be out of place in a Christmas pudding. The deep red colour was also slightly hazy, but then I’m going to put that down to the cold glass and the air-con blasting away. It doesn’t smelly boozy and the aroma I expected from the 11.8% abv was undetectable.

Thrashzone Envenom, I swear, is designed to get you drunk without you knowing. It’s a ninja beer whereby the alcohol sneaks into your system slowly and quietly. Before you know it, it’s taken over you and the Thrashzone Envenom earns its name. The sweet caramel malts were the strongest flavour out of the beer, yet some hops were also detected on beneath them as well with a slight bitterness to finish off. It was only half a pint but it was so good that I ordered a second. Biggest mistake I’ve done for a long time as the rest of the evening was a blur.


Thrashzone Envenom One Line Review

Sell your loved one for a train ticket to get some Thrashzone Envenom while it’s on tap. An incredible well-balanced barley wine.

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