Minamishinshu Alps Weizen by Komagatake Brewery

Minamishinshu Alps Weizen 南信州 アルプスヴァイツェン

Minamishinshu Alps Weizen is a 5% German hefeweizen from Komagatake Brewery, based in Komagone, in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of their late summer seasonal lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. Minamishinshu Alps Weizen Aroma and Taste Minamishinshu Alps Weizen poured out a slightly hazy golden straw colour with a meagre amount of white head …


Minamishinshu Hokentake Ale by Komagatake Brewery

Minamishinshu Hokentake Ale 南信州ビール宝剣岳エール

Minamishinshu Hokentake Ale is a 5% golden ale from Komagatake Brewery, based in Komagane, in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of the summer seasonal lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. It was first released in 2017 and Minamishinshu Hokentake Ale is named after Mount Hōken, at 2,931m high, is one of major peaks in Kiso Mountains or Central Alps, …

Minamishinshu Beer Company Information

Minamishinshu Beer Company

Minamishinshu Beer Company is a craft beer brewery located in Komagane, in Nagano prefecture. The brewery started up in 1996, soon after the deregulation of brewing capacities in 1994, and was the first craft beer brewery in Nagano at the time.  Like most other breweries at the time, Minamishinshu Beer company started out as an offshoot of Komagatake Shuzo, a local …

Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop by Minamishinshu Beer Company

Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop 南信州ブルーベリーホップ

Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop is a 6.5% autumn seasonal fruit beer from Minamishinsu Beer Company that is produced using blueberries to a similar recipe to the Minamishinshu Apple Hop. It started originally as a spring seasonal beer though in 2015, Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop was released in September rather than in March. Why the change? Who knows. It escaped the craft beer news outlets in Japan though …


Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen by Minamishinshu Beer Company

Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen

Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen was a present from a friend of ours to celebrate six months of BeerTengoku and has been eagerly awaited since it was given to us. Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen, as the name suggests, is a dark wheat beer style based on a German style of beer that is best drunk in Spring or Autumn. Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen Aroma and …