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Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat by Harvestmoon Brewery

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Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat is a…do I really need to explain what kind of beer it is? It’s a stout. Yes, really. It’s a new style of Belgian style wheat from the 21st century where everything has been replaced by roasted malts and the such. Facetiousness aside, it is a witbeer so it’s brewed with orange and coriander in the mash.

Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat

Another catchy name from a brewery. Surely the PR peeps must know what is up?

Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat Aroma and Taste

Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat poured out like your prototype witbeer; cloudy, straw yellow body with a frothy white head of about three fingers. Nothing out of the ordinary really there and the aroma wasn’t too dissimilar to other witbeers we’ve had on BeerTengoku. The pungency of the spices was less than usual with the yeast and malt coming through more.

It’s fascinating how one style of beer can be brewed so many different ways and produce so many different kinds. Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat took the orange and coriander and muted them in the body compared with other witbeers. Something was amiss. I wanted the citrus bite with a spicy kick that I love from witbeers but I felt let down drinking Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat. The buttery notes were unnerving in the aftertaste and all-in-all, it reminded me of a ….. Hoegaarden.

Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat One Line Review

Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat is a muted witbeer that would be a useful starter for new drinkers of witbeer if you don’t want to pay Japanese prices for Hoegaarden.


Where to Buy Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat

Harvestmoon Belgian Style Wheat can be bought as part of a set from the Harvestmoon Brewery online store here. Sakaya Okadaya also have a supply here. Craftbeers.jp also sells Harvestmoon Brewery under the name of Ikspiari here.

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