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Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager By Fuji Kanko Kaihaitsu

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Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager is a seasonal schwarzbier from Fuji Kanko Kaihaitsu that is avaiable from around the middle of February until stocks last. It has an abv of 5.5% but unlike typical schwarzbiers, Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager is a bottom fermented beer that has had, in the words of the brewery “an abundant amount of caramel malt and roasted malt thrown in” though my translation could be dodgy.

Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager

It’s a schwarbier really. Don’t let the dark lager confuse you.

Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager Aroma and Taste

Why they called this a dark lager when a schwarzbier would have been just as apt is beyond me, but you don’t argue with award-winning breweries and their decisions. Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager poured out like a schwarzbier BECAUSE IT IS ONE! Sorry, must calm down. It had a strong front of chocolate and the caramel malts come bundling through, bashing down your nose hairs as they obliterate the nasal hairs that stand in the way of the aroma.

The body of Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager is far smoother than the aroma with a mild dryness that allows the roasted malts to develop a bit more than in the aroma, allowing the chocolate flavours to develop more with a bit of nuts thrown in there too. It isn’t as smokey as I would have liked for a schwarzbier but that’s because it isn’t a schwarzbier, it’s a dark lager….

Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager One Line Review

Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager is an easy drinking beer that is worth finding but then Fuji Kanko Kaihaitsu can’t seem to do much wrong with their beers.


Where to Buy Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager

Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager can be bought from the Fuji Kanko Kaihaitsu Rakuten page here. I got my bottle from Yamaoka though I have also seen it in World Gourmet.

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