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Tazawako Kolsch by Tazawako Beer

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Tazawako Kolsch is an award-winning beer from Tazawako Beer that won both Asia’s Best Kölsch and the World’s Best Kölsch in 2013 at the World Beer Awards. This 5% beer is brewed to a traditional recipe from Cologne, Germany and was designed after the owner of Tazawako Beer, Komatsu-san, tried a variety of different kölschs and refined the recipe for Tazawako Kolsch.

Tazawako Kolsch

Fruity and crisp makes a good kölsch

Tazawako Kolsch Aroma and Taste

The first thing you’ll get from Tazawako Kolsch is the waft of fruit as it pours out. I wasn’t sure what fruit it was exactly but it was a light dosing of it rather than full on yuzu or orange hit. There was a mild amount of hops present but they can only be noticed if you go in search for them. The malts were the main part of Tazawako Kolsch and it was nice to see that someone hadn’t gone to town in using caramel malts. It settled down to a slightly hazy golden colour with minimal amount of white head on top, barely a finger’s worth and that was pushing it.

Tazawako Kolsch had a delicious bite to it from the first sip right through to the last with a good level of bitterness that, while nice, wasn’t face contorting or overpowering. Combined with the fruitiness present and a crisp bite, Tazawako Kolsch was refreshing and most welcome on one of the hottest days in 2015. The hops which were hard to detect in the aroma were still as hard to detect in the body but when I closed my eyes and thought of them, they magically appeared.

Tazawako Kolsch One Line Review

Tazawako Kolsch was a pleasent surprise and an enjoyable kölsch beer if you can find it.


Where to Buy Tazawako Kolsch

Tazawako Kolsch can be bought at the following places:

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